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About Dr. YaQar
About Dr. YaQar

1) She has founded a church, Believe and Receive.

2) Established Alpha and Omega HIV/AIDS Foundation and Health Initiatives International, Inc., a faith based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in our communities. Alpha and Omega has won numerous grants, done hundreds of prevention teachings and seminars, been recognized by The White House (both Democratic and Republican presidents) for model community outreach, state, county and local governments and has been lauded in University periodicals, magazines and newspapers. With the understanding that our communities are plagued with so many diseases Alpha and Omega has branched out with Health Initiatives to address some of them,diabetes, heart disease, and obesity to name few.

3) She has started in her own television broadcast, Awakening! with YaQar.
4) She consults with state government about the faith-based approach to HIV/AIDS prevention and education (namely New Mexico and Georgia).
5) She still sings and does concerts.
6) She Established the Believe and Receive Biblical School.
7) She mentors and covers many church and business leaders.
8) She incubates small businesses with the Believe and Receive Community Development umbrella.
9) She travels extensively establishing ministry.  She oversees a youth ministry in Lagos, Nigeria.
10) She was chosen as the Executive Director of the United States Pastors Association, Region 4, as well as the Regional Director for the Light of the World Worldwide Ministry.
11) Most importantly, she established YaQar International Ministries, an end-time apostolic prophetic ministry that networks with many other ministries. Some ministries work as sister organizations or affiliates for fellowship and many others place their ministries under her ministry for prayer covering and spiritual and business structure.
12) Recently she branched out into stage play production, when she was the Executive Producer of Ikem's Ifeoma, a stage play about love and relationship in our society.
13)  In 2005, she completed her doctorate in Biblical Studies at Belford University in Humble, Texas.

14)  In 2014, Launching of her Book  - “The Power of Confusion”

15) Recently staring in “Moses and Harriet”, a 2008 play written and produced by Eike and Calandra Campbell, depicting Research and History of HIV/AIDS by using Prophetic analogy.


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