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NEW RELEASE:  January 30, 2016

Dr. YaQar's new book:
I'm JULIA and these are my Granddaddies
Is a childrens book that deplicts her life
Miz Julia

BY: Dr. apostle YaQar

About the Author

"You don't have any problems; all you need is faith in G-D."  What a powerful statement that summarizes the life of the author.

In 1994, I sat down at a local soul food restaurant to eat a meal and have a glass of iced tea.  Little did I know that the natural meal I was partaking in would lead me to the spiritual voyage of a lifetime.  A voyage led by the author . . . a voyage that would change my life.

It was on this day I met then Julia Campbell-Robinson, whose name was later changed by G-D to YaQar.  Born the seventh child of Rev. Fred and Mrs. Lucille Moore and raised in the coastal south, YaQar has learned to tackle  confusion with strength, dignity and finesse.  She is a powerful woman whose life has been dedicated to  "preaching and teaching" the Word of G-D; dedicated to service, education, and dispelling erroneous teachings; and continues to be one of love and compassion.  A woman who has lived and learned to overcome confusion, thus walk in life's path with knowledge, wisdom, courage and foresight.  She is a woman who has no "kinfolk's" religion and advocates truth.

What the author has written will change your life and help the reader understand that confusion will come - many times in the lives of those closest to us, but it does not have to stay.  As you read this text, absorb, follow, and live the lesson, and your life will forever be changed.  

Dr. Ramel F. Moore
Bauder College
Atlanta, Georgia

To order your copy, please call 770-939-2460

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