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Poetry of Love

What separates Day from night?

What separates Day from night?
Is that a simple question?
Or is that something we have to dive deeper into?
Webster says that Day is the period of light between two nights
So, you mean to tell me that DAY is the light that makes darkness leave?!
Let's ponder that a little bit
Moment of silence
It all makes sense when letting your life shine before men,
I mean your light shine before men,
That they may see your good works and turn towards that same good
That same God
That yesterday, today, everyday God
Is your life's journey, your main purpose, your passion
DAY... The the light that dwells among us
The light that we must not take for granted
For night shall come
And darkness may always be around the corner
But we choose to dwell in that darkness or embrace that light that remains
I'm not here to be too philosophical or make you see that the iceberg is actually bigger below the surface
Or am I?!
Maybe I just want you to know that DAYs don't last forever, so while we have THIS DAY,
Love her, embrace her, and support the vision because some DAYs are just greater than others.
Doctor Apostle YaQar. I love you. Because you are indeed, a good DAY.

Darrius M, Your Son

Out of Surprise, AZ

Believe in Love

Believe in love,

Even when past hurts and old wounds give you every reason not to

Believe in love,

Even when it feels so far, far away

Believe in love,

Because you believe in you.

And there are some hearts…

Those of a chosen few,

That you exquisitely belong in

And their hearts belong in yours too. 

Kind Regards,

Your Son,

Joaquin Hollis Campbell, MBA, MPA


Power of Confusion

Power of confusion 
Power of the confused
Confused, confused, confused
I loose myself
Lose myself 

I almost lost myself in the confusion 
What seemed to be reality was a mere illusion 
I searched myself to find the chosen 

My people keep choosing the blue pill in hand instead
of the fat of the lamb, false reality over spirituality  

If we were characters in the book of life maybe then
they could understand, sensing instead of just feeling.  

Power of confusion 
Power of confusion 

We are mere grains of sand in-between the waters of life's toes 
And those that know will live for peace, love and grace
abundantly bestowed

Ye, though I walk through the valley of shadow of death 
I fear no unbelievers, yet I still treat'em

Loose myself
Loose myself
Power of confusion

But in-order to deliver we must grieve and rebuild'em. 
those foundational things that Our parents tried to grow! 
Maturity, wisdom and common-sense halos 

This we forget and ancestors hoped we'd know 
Breathe slow and grow  
become bigger than your neighbors chauvinist mind
sets, critical resets and long listed no-noes 

The confused 
The confused 
Will loose themselves
Take away a “o”

For we want the relevant 
For we want the rewards 
That double edge sword is dull without the knowledge
of "you knows" 
Here it goes we will go once again for sure

Empowering the weak 
And flossing the grit which is oppression in between
life's teeth

We should reach 
We should speak 
We should be 
Positive and optimistic in it's entirety 

Confused for sure 
Confused for sure

Actually I believe the waves of happiness can penetrate
hatred rather easily  

Ignorance and chaos is the product of the unready 
Never moving, reaching and self inflicted victimization. 

This generation is lost in confusion ignorant of it's mere illusions
Hungry for More crazy 
To lazy to build a safe haven 
Dried like raisins and plucked as if plums

Unable to chew, just gums
Run, run says the finger wrapped around the trigger
of the man behind the gun. 

Confused no more
Confused for sure
Confused no more
The confused won't soar
The Confused will lose themselves
The confused are felt 
The power of confusion....

Based off the book written by Dr. YaQar
You have and will forever enlighten the people who are
unguided and the ones to persuaded to hear truth!
Thank you for always being present- in spirit and in truth! Happy birthday!! 

Baby George! 
SFC George J. Robinson

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