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In December of 2007, Alpha and Omega HIV/AIDS Foundation and Health Initiatives where the Founder and CEO is Dr. apostle YaQar, was invited to the campus of Georgia State University in beautiful downtown Atlanta.  The purpose of the invitation was to bring interested parties together to view a documentary concerning HIV/AIDS.

"THE AIDS CHRONICLE", a documentary concerning the social and cultural impact of HIV/AIDS on the African American Community, was written and produced by Ms. Bailey Barash.  Ms. Barash explains that she received inspiration to produce this documentary only after she had the privilege of collaborating with the faith-based community, namely, Alpha and Omega and Believe and Receive Mishpochah Congregation.  We expect to see great things in the very near future from Ms. Barash. 

On this particular evening, persons who were actually filmed in the documentary were asked to participate in a panel discussion after the viewing of the film.  The objective of panel was to answer questions posed by the moderator and the audience.  Each panel represented a particular interest group or organization concerning HIV/AIDS.  Questions were asked in regards to the information viewed in the film.  The guest panelists were both interesting and informative. 

The evening was quite moving.  Much of the information in the film divulged many sides of the disease that the audience was unaware.  For example, the effect that this disease has on loved ones, the effect that the disease has on those individuals who do not have access to good health care, and how different forms of art, such as the dance, can be therapeutic to a person with the virus.

Another interesting fact that was shown in the documentary was how the church takes a major role in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Much of the testing and counseling given to those infected has actually come from the faith-based community, the church.  We all have our part to play.  The documentary made this point most clear. 

Many organizations have formed since the inception of Alpha and Omega.  She is a pioneer in the fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

On a final note, we as a people of color have access to more information and assistance than ever before.  It takes collaboration such as Ms. Barash's documentary to enlighten a world that for far too long has been in the dark about this disease.  The solution to the problem is not with one particular group, organization, or party.  It starts with each of us individually reaching out to support one another corporately, pooling our resources, and eventually defeating the disease.  There is an old African Proverb that says, "When spiders unite, they can trap a lion."  In other words when individuals come together, the situation that seems to be overwhelming, can be conquered!  LET'S STOP DYING!

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