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Dear Partners, Family and Friends:


I am happy to share with you this letter from my spiritural daughter Victoria!

Be Blessed!

Serving to Serve,

Dr. YaQar


MOMMY! I got it!

Thank you for the opportunity!  All week I ask Holy Spirit to give me the words for my paper.  Class was amazing!  It was then in my silence after class, Father gave me this.


Speak in truth they say, but does your truth align with the Word of G-D? or are you confined to the worldly things, blinded by the hand that feed you, protect you, created you?  Let’s set aside self and begin to be set free. Release the lies and be in-filled with Holy Spirit.  The lack of knowledge from your Creator has you blinded by the acknowledgment that is due to our Father.  Release the bag and brag about my G-D, ABBA, Father. Be Holy for I am Holy. Brag about the Father and give Him the glory. He sees you, hears you, allows the breath that is within you. Yet you brag on material things, not aware of the spiritual things that has helped you enjoy the natural things. You're missing the opportunities to worship and give thanks where praise is due. Bragging about your natural things and spiritually you’re dead and weak at the knees. Brag about Father who has blessed you in the public eye of others. Yet you're missing it because your acknowledgement is of the world. Stop turning a blind eye to truth. Walk out of darkness and see the light, your light that you have dimmed because of bragging about what “men” has done. The lack of truth in your life has blinded you. Your right is it righteous? Or have you lied to self so much you are missing the truth behind the brag? Who are you? Who and what do you brag about? If not ABBA, then who? Because if you are walking in righteousness, you should know your bag that you brag about is not in the world. The more our internal beliefs skew away from truth, the more we brag about what is less important giving acknowledgment where it isn't due. Who do you identify with if you're not acknowledging the Father's truth. Ask yourself, do I walk in a selfish, selfless brag? Or does my Father get the glory for my brag?



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