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Food For Thought --- 20MAR23

 ABBA IS EXALTED, satan IS DEFEATED and JESUS/YESHUA IS L-RD Of L-RDS and He is coming back again!  (Pastor Charles Capps)

Greeting Men of Abba:

The Food For Thought – It’s A Family Affair: “Fisher of Men!

Greetings my brothers IN THE NAME OF OUR L-RD and Savior Yeshua/Jesus the Christ! May my Father, Abba bless and keep each of you and your families this day from all hurts, harms, and dangers. Put on the Whole Armor of Abba (Eph. 6) each and every day so we can STAND in LOVE, TRUTH, FORGIVENESS, FAITH, HEALTH, MERCY and HIS GRACE now and forever!

This month’s Food For Thought teaching is coming from Rev. Joseph G. Adams Sr. from Houston, TX. I first met this brother 3 years ago, at the Weekend To Remember Retreat in Sugarland, TX. But it was this year that we actually communicated with each other that I thought that he had a good word for “Men”, thus here we are! I believe that we all will be blessed from his teaching on Monday night. I still thank the L_rd that we are continuously growing and maturing in the WORD, Scripture, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of our L-rd and Savior Jesus/Yeshua the Christ. The question still is: Am I my brother keeper? And the response is unequivocally—YES We Are! Please join us Monday night for a robust discussion on Fisher of Men!

“Fisher of Men”

There are three unavoidable steps that those who desires to be one of Jesus disciples must take.

These three steps, when completed from start to finish, becomes the unmovable anchor that holds

each of us firmly as recognized disciples of Jesus.

Step #1 ~ ___ _______: “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 4:18-20.

Step #2 ~ ___ _______: read Luke 5:3-6.

Step #3 ~ __ _ _________ ________: read Luke 5:8-11

Observe what 1 Kings 2:3 says that the Lord our God will require of us:

Walk in obedience to him, and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and regulations, as

written in the Law of Moses. Do this so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go.

Think about what earthly master you need to let go of to become or maintain being God’s Man,

Leader, Husband.

Man = ____ _____. This is the spiritual root of what man is created to be and each of us are to

have as our foundation.

Personal scripture study

Leader = ____ _________ . This is the spiritual purpose of man. We built ourselves into a strong

battlefield to deal with the world’s enemy.

Community Bible Study

Husband = ____ _________. This is the repeatable spiritual response we assign to every

situation we will encounter for the benefit of leading our family and others towards Christ.

What is your defined view of God’s spiritual design for each of the above elements.


1. ____________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________________

Prayer Request:

1. ____________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________________

Copyright © 2021 by Rev. Joseph G. Adams Sr.+

Holy Spirit and I will continue to ask you to present a teaching or a subject to TGOM for 2023 for the purpose of sharing with one another on a more personal and spiritual dimension.  Your Subject -- depends on your heart and Holy SpiritWhat’s On Your Heart?  What’s On Your Mind?  Love, marriage, discipline of children, RESPECT, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), finances, business issues, ethnic issues or concerns, other health concerns, HIV, AIDS or other STDs, covid, Health Disparities, From Negro to Hebrew, Spiritual WarfareKINGDOM LIVING, Living “KINGDOM” Single, Having the MIND of Christ Jesus/Yeshua, etc.??? Send me a subject of your concern, then call or text me to let me know that you sent it to me. I just need a Little Help my brothers (smile), Thanks…..

How about reading and bringing a few scriptures, thoughts and concerns to the conference call line with you each Monday night so we can explore the WORD together. Let us continue to grow and mature daily in the knowledge, wisdom, and understand the “WORD”, our L-rd and Savior Jesus the Christ (Yeshua being His Hebrew Name) left for us to follow. Praise Abba our Father!

Please join us on the conference line for TGOM Monthly Teachings. Call in from wherever you are and participate during our meetings. The number is: 1-605-313-4147; Code: 348868#.  That blog is coming for those of us who wants to chat a little longer on the subject of the month - can. Hallelujah and thank You L-rd! Please read, digest, think, implement, and change wherever and whatever you need to make a change in your life!  Change most often is difficult but is Worth the Reward in Christ Jesus (Yeshua)!  Have you ever considered that a Change in your Attitude and Presentation COULD just Change the Attitude and Presentation in someone who is watching you unaware! (Oh, my Abba-Glory Hallelujah) Am I my brother’s Keeper?  Of course, you are! Let me say here that I thank the L-rd for each of you who have volunteer these past years to write, spearhead, lead or direct a Monday night’s teaching.  Also, to those who just dialed in for the fellowship and dialogue. Thanks, and much love to each of you. Guess what? I love you and there is nothing You can do about it! Shalom!!!!!

Question: Were you able to Wait On the L-rd today? Do you think you/we can pencil Him in this week? Did You know how come into HIS Presence? Is Fasting and Praying part of your monthly activity?

The Vision of the Gathering of Men is to assemble Men of diverse culture and socioeconomic backgrounds to come and fellowship together, learn of Jesus the Christ (Yeshua the Christ), of our relationship to Him, of our relationship to our family, and of our relationship to one another.

TGOM teachings will be coming to us from around the world!  Please join us on the conference call line each 3rd Monday night of the month at 8p (EST), at 7p (CST) and 5p (PST). Remember the Conference line # is: 1-605-313-4147; Code: 348868#. I hope to hear you Monday night on the conference call line.

Everyone take care and stay healthy, safe and Blessed!!!!! Covid and its derivatives are still in the atmosphere and in some people. Read as much information as you can and DO/Follow! For additional information on TGOM, please call 770.710.7634 or 770.939.2460.  

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