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Sabbath Keeper
We are Sabbath-Keepers, Not Seventh-Day Adventists
We keep the Sabbath based solely upon the truth spoken in the Word of G-d. Let us take this opportunity to share some biblical truths concerning the keeping of the Sabbath.
1. After working the first six days of the week creating this earth, the great G-d rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:1-3).
2. This stamped that day as G-d's rest day, or Sabbath day, as sabbath day means rest day. To illustrate: When a person is born on a certain day, that day becomes his birthday. So when G-d rested upon the seveneth day, that day became His rest or Sabbath day.
3. Therefore the seventh day must always be G-d's Sabbath day. Can you change your birthday from the day on which you were born to one on which you were not? No. Neither canyou change g-d's rest day to a day on which He did not rest. Hence the seventh day is still G-d's sabbath day.
4. The Creator blessed the seventh day (Genesis 2:3).
5. He sanctified the seventh day (Exodus 20:11).
6. He made it the Sabbath day in the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:1-3).
7. It was made before man's fall; hence it is not a type, for types were not introduced till after the fall.
8. Jesus said it was made for man (Mark 2:27), that is, for the human race as the word of man here is unlimited; hence, for the Gentiles as well as the Jews.
9. It is a memorial of creation (Exodus 20:11, 31:17). Every time we rest upon the seventh day, as G-d did at creation, we commemorate that grand event.
10. It was given to Adam, the head of the human race (Mark 2:27, Genesis 2:1-3).
11. Thus through him, as our respresentative, it was given to all nations (Acts 17:26).
12. It is not a Jewish institution, for it was made 2,300 years before there ever was a Jew.
These are just a few of the examples drawn out of G-d's Word. Knowing that His Word is unchangable, we hold dearly to the truth that we have received from Our Father. We come, not to condemn those who choose to worship on Sunday, but we come to share the blessing of the truth that we walk in by the revelation of the Word of God!! We will continue to add to this teaching as Our Father leads us. If you have any questions concerning Sabbath, or if you would like to join us for worship, please contact us via this website or by calling our office @770-939-2460.
We look forward to sharing the Word of G-d with you!!
Peace and Blessing to you!! 
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