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Friday, August 10 2012

When Holy Spirit Is Speaking?

  1. Tune into what he is saying; intercede (in however the Lord says).
  2. Listen (Don't try and out talk G-d).
  3. He brings completion.
  4. Let your "Uzzi" die.
  5. Let us not talk about one another.
  6. Know your G-d.
  7. Be David and slay your Giant.
  8. Say what G-d Says (His Word).
  9. Meditate on His Word day and night.
  10. Don't deal with people with slave-time minds.
  11. Teach your children not to deal with people with salve-time minds.
  12. Just go through and don't blame others.
  13. No one should stop your blessings.
  14. Don't give up.

Scriptures:  Isaiah 6; John 14; Phil 1:12-20; Isaiah 54:17

Dr. YaQar, Chief Apostle



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