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Monday, January 12 2015

January 9, 2016

Dear Dr. Apostle YaQar and Friends,

                I am so glad to have a chance to write to you in the beginning of this, sure to be awesome, year of life, Health, and prosperity - 2016! And to be writing to you on Dr. Apostle YaQar's birthday especially! I am honored to be here - right now!

                The New Year brings with it a chance for new beginnings. In my practice of Chiropractic, I reflect on the needs of my patients. My patients often come to me not knowing what Chiropractic "is" and what it "is not". They are often confused and lack direction in their own Health. This inevitably leads them down a path where they are "stuck" with no idea of what to do to become Healthier and Happier people. Today, I think it a good idea to explain briefly to you exactly what Chiropractic IS.

Chiropractic IS... A Science, Philosophy, and an Art.

It is not a belief. There is no need to "believe" in Chiropractic. In fact, the Science of Chiropractic AND the Science of Medicine have proven time and time again that Chiropractic IS effective, safe, and often preferred by patients!

Chiropractic IS... A way to regain your health, working with your Body's natural healing ability.

Chiropractors find the root cause of the lack of communication between your brain and your body. We call it SUBLUXATION. Literally meaning "condition of less light". We remove that by Adjusting the Spine. We support the natural health of the body and try to regain this "Light" so that your body does a better job at what it was intended to do! KEEP YOU WELL.

Chiropractic IS ... As simple as that!

This year won't you consider giving your Body the gift of Chiropractic? Not necessarily by my hand, but by any Chiropractor that you may find, as I truly know that Chiropractic can and will help each of you do better than before. One Adjustment at a time....


Dr. Johnny Garcia, D.C.


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