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Tuesday, January 02 2018

Today, although I’m not going to unveil the full beginnings of my return, I do want to provide a sort of a road map for what I will be teaching in the next few months to most people who read my blog. It is something that I call a “mapping equation”.

This mapping equation is like a treasure chart that returns to the beginning of anyone’s quest in order to find the “gold” in their dreams. It is simple but powerful. It is short, but may take a while to accomplish. Yes, I know that is an obvious oxymoron because most of us believe that we will find our reward at the end of a journey with ease because it is mapped out; however, I'm trying to get you to unlearn unproductive behavior and confining thoughts. I want you to be the great leader of your life and not the manager of it. Moreover, as Toni Morrison says, "the function of freedom is to free someone else."

Our mapping equation is precise; yet, it is expansive. We will be using this mapping equation to guide us to many different places that hold the treasure of our hearts’ desires. I have borrowed this tool from my guru (Martha Beck) and some of you have seen it before, but we will be modifying it as we proceed on our travels to getting what we want the most out of our lives. Here is what it looks like:

My life as it is at ______ (time) on _______ (date): I am _______ (state your location) + X = Desired Goal.

We will be using this mapping equation without abandon. This will be delicious. For those of you who know my coaching style, we are in for a lot of work. For those of you who don’t know my methods, we are in for a lot of discovery.

Use this mapping equation as the primer for our life investigation exercises that are to come. We will actualize your greatest desires with this formula. Let’s get started by filling in the blanks above and thinking about what we really want our lives to transform into as we become more and more contemplative on what we want to achieve and where we want to take our lives in the coming months.


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