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Thursday, January 21 2010

Wow!  How many of us remember that statement from our Mother?

"First Things First"; when I was a little girl many times I would rush to complete my work just to get out and go play or go over to my friends house.  I was not taking my time and doing my home chores properly, just doing to say I am finish.  Bug, did you do all of your work that quick?  Yes Mama. Ok, you can go play, be back in an hour.  Yes Mama.  Well, by the time I was out the yard and down the walk I would hear Julia Lucille, come here.  Why would I hear Julia Lucille, come here? Well I would do my work so fast until I was half doing just so I could get out.  It did not work; Mom would always call me back.  This happen until I learned "First Things First".  When she sat me down and explained to me the importance of doing all things in order, taking your time to do whatever you are asked to do.  When you take your time you will never be called back to re-do what you were asked to the "First Time".  Mom had learned the Law and the Principle of "First Things First".  Believe me, as time passed on, I came to respect the Law and Principle of "First Things First".

This day I can say to you that when I wake up in the morning I give my first thoughts to my Adonai (Lord).  When you learn to please our Creator first in your life, first in everything you do, you will always be Bless.

January 2010, should be the month that we all learn to make our Creator, our G_D, our Father first, then watch the next eleven months.  Blessings shall be yours!!

I was given the book Until Today! by Iyanla Vanzant as a wonderful present.  It has become my daily devotional book.  I want to share my present with you.  When you get a chance do purchase the book, but until then, I will share with you.

January: LIFE
Life will work for me when I realize
by Iyanla

  1.   I must put first things first!
  2.  I must make myself available to life.
  3.  I have the power to walk right!  The power to talk right!  And the 
       power to live right!
  4.  Trying to prove something to someone is never a valid reason for
       doing anything.
  5.  Every decision I make is based on every other decision I have made,
        which is based on everything that has ever happened in my life.
  6.  I will continue feeling bad until my attitude improves!
  7.  Within me is the essence of everything I am!
  8.  The "right now" problem could be a "happened long ago" story.
  9.  The only walls, locked doors and prisons in my life are the ones
        that  I have built.
10. The experience of my faith keeps my faith alive.
11.  I have everything I need within me to create everything I want out
12.  When I've done all I can do, I cannot regret what I did not do!
13.  I cannot fail in life!
14.  The only problem I have is the belief that I am not doing the right
15.  When I tell myself the truth, I can trust myself!
16.  I must be open to receive and willing to accept the goodness of
17.  I cannot break through until I have a breakdown!
18.  I am the light of the world!
19.  There is more to life than meets the eye!
20.  I can take my own advice!
21.  I can always re-create what I believe!
22.  I am loved by life!
23.  I am in a different part of the same boat as everyone else.
24.  Life is always accommodating my request!
25.  I must learn how to wait!
26.  Goodness and mercy do follow me.
27.  I am totally, completely and fully responsible for what goes on in
        my life!
28.  I cannot change what I believe as long as I believe it!
29.  I have a Father who has always loved and will always love me!
30.  I must know the elements of success if I plan to be successful!
31.  Trouble come to pass, not to stay.

With Love and Peace!

Dr. YaQar

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Dr. apostle YaQar: Thank you for this teaching of "First Things First". As I mature under your tutelage, I am learning outside of what some have come to know as "First Fruits", to acknowledge Father "First Thing" in all things. I thank you and may Abba continue to teach you as you teach his people. Bless YOU!!
Posted by Anita Moore on 01/24/2010 - 10:26 PM
Totally Awesome!!!
Posted by brenda glover on 01/25/2010 - 05:57 AM

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