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Thursday, April 01 2010

Finding G-D's Purpose for your Life

Are You Ready?


     1.)  Meditate on G-D's word daily.
            a.)  Meditating means to go beyond mere thinking about it.
            b.)  When you meditate on the word/scriptures you gain Spiritual
                   strength and growth.
            c.)  Meditation digests the things of G-D and makes them a power that
                   renews your heart.

     2.)  Exercise Your Body.
             a.)  Develop discipline.
             b.)  Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically - in order to 
                    unveil his best work in them.
             c.)  Exercise helps develop a positive self-image.


  • Start the day with a brisk walk;
  • Implement a new exercise program;
  • Count your calories;
  • Keep your bowels moving Regularly!!
  • Drink plenty of Water!! 

Last one for this time;
     3.)  Examine Your Emotions.
             a.)  Pray! Pray! Pray!
             b.)  Chase Holiness not Happiness.
             c.)  Don't focus on what you feel you shall do, but on what you should
             d.) Don't move on the way you feel about things because you will
                    abandon good work that pleases G-D:  a marriage, a career, a
                    ministry because they don't feel like doing it anymore.  
                            ~I don't feel in love.  I don't feel fulfilled~.

"Ask G-D To Arrange Your Actions"







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