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Monday, October 18 2010
Five Most Dangerous Words

"Maybe it'll just go away."  Those are the five most dangerous words. Every day people experience the warning signs that something is wrong, but they often ignore the warning signs of pain.

  1. Headaches begin as a little headache that goes away with taking an over-the-counter pain reliever.  That's just what it is, a pain reliever, and not a correction for the cause of the problem.
  2. Back pain or pain in the neck will often start out the same way.  There will be back pain each morning for an hour or two.  Then it seems to be better for the rest of the day. Before long, the pain begins to last all day. Worst of all, it can cause a sharp "catch" when one bends over to put on socks or to brush their teeth. That "catch" may be disabling and cause them to miss several days of work. - Problem Check it.
  3. Stomach - I must have eaten something that did not agree with me. Oh, let me take some _______, or ________, or _________.
Stop! How many days have your stomach been hurting!   Problem, Stop!

In your automobile, an unusual noise that you hear always warrants your attention.  You cannot expect it to go away by itself.  If not heeded, the noise can lead to increased and more severe problems and require major repair to be done on the car.

The human body is the same way.  Pain is always a warning sign.  It says that something is wrong.  It not attended early, it may be more difficult to correct, or worst yet, become that feared disabling condition in the back that makes you miss work.

Listen to your body's  "warning signs" when pain appears and see your doctor or chiropractic.  If you maintain your body well and see a chiropractor for a monthly check-up, you may be able to avoid the warning signs of pain and never get to the point of daily headaches or the disabling painful "catch" in the low back.

Please don't believe those five dangerous words "Maybe it'll just go away."  It usually won't.

Remember that you are Ps 139:14.

Bless you In Jehovah Rophe
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