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Name: Evg Pamela Harris
Date: 05/11/2020
Message: I was Blessed by your letter Encouragement"! Thank you! My apostle for continuing to so the Way,Truth,Life! Shalom!

Name: Jerricka Campbell
Date: 03/12/2020
Message: Thank you for the amazing work you do.

Name: Calandra Campbell
Date: 03/12/2020
Message: What an end-time Prophet you are Dr. YaQar! You are great teacher. What you see and hear from the LORD is for us now and the time to come.

Name: Victoria DeBose
Date: 03/07/2020
Message:  Glory!!! As I sit in my car at 11:07pm holy Spirit is just speaking its time Victorious it's time! So, I go to read my mommy letter that was lets be honest well over due to read. The power of words summed all together to create that powerful letter that runs into a teaching if you would "just listen" (I re-learned that this past sabbath at worship) see I read mommy's letter not once but twice. The first time I read it, to read it. (I was not reading it aloud) The second time I read it out loud. My, the greater the understanding that came from listening to myself read. See, that's what my spirit needed to hear, but not from my silent voice within but from my natural voice out loud. Please, learn the difference. As my mommy would say, the second time it just got "gooder and gooder". She mention that; "How do we get this alignment? I believe the apostle Paul tells us best, "Pray without Ceasing"! Just think about how our total being would improve. We have three parts, Body Soul, and Spirit. Each part need to be aligned day by day. How can we become whole and healthy? By following apostle Paul's medicine, I Thessalonians 5:16-18. I will say to you and I assure you when we "Pray without Ceasing" the Following comes to us:                                                                        A. Peace from Our Father GOD                                       B. Walk in Love                                       C. Life changes that the ordinary mind cannot explains." She also mention prior to that; "Beloved, I want you to know that this time in your lives are meant to be precious. This time is meant to be your best, your greatest "GOD Life," He desires the all for you. Please let us stop being so concern about the outside of our image of Him and know that it is the inner, the inner of us is so much more important. There is much work to do for the Kingdom. " I can speak my truth and say when you truly apply A, B, C to.your whole life, when you work on the inner you. Know that the outter you will begin to change because the inner you is being transformed. I don't know about those of you reading this but I know I want ALL of what YESHUA has for me. This letter has and is teaching me to keep striving forward. Do not be worried about the outter me because the inner me is where my focus need to stem from. Mommy thank you! Keep going higher and higher. I am grateful for the best is yet to come, but everything has already been "set in motion" all we have to do is keep moving forward! awesome letter! May I please have a copy?! Thank you! Shalom Daughter Victoria!

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