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Letter From YaQar


April 7th - May 7th 2021

Our Word From Dr. YaQar

Praise The  Lord  All ye Children and People of Our Most High GOD!!

I pray you had a rejoicing time as we Celebrated "Resurrection." It is so awesome to know our Lord and Savior is Risen!!
I was in a store sharing about My risen Savior to some other Believers  and this individual asked, why are you so sure about the Resurrection of Jesus?

I told him, I am here, standing and sharing with you therefore, He is Risen and living in me. I am sure because I follow the Bible and asked Him to come in me by surrendering to Him, asking for all of my sins to be forgiven. I said, I confess all of my wrong doings. He smiled at me, and took my hands and said you are forgiven and free!! Go tell others of this wonderful time in your life today and know I am with you forever and ever. I also read the Bible.  You know the Bible is the Word of Our Lord. I read Matthew 28:20, "He said teaching us to obey and low He will be with us Always Even Unto the End of the World."

Come visit me at  Worship or Call me and I will be more than happy to speak with you.  The person said, "I will really think about what you said and call you." Here, take my card. The individual said, "Thank you," for being so kind, it was not my conversation but  I was listening so I asked. That is fine, "Thank you, " for asking. Please call!! Guess what more of these types of conversations will be coming, let us prepare ourselves.  Amen!

Well,  I just had to share that with you, it has begun to happen to me so much.  I am grateful that my Lord and Savior trust me to prepare and be ready.

May I  close with this teaching. I study and meditate with so many teachers. This one blessed me so much and I just want to share this.
"Get Ready  for today."

"Keep  in Touch with GOD"

Blessed (happy, fortunate, prosperous, and enviable) is the man who walks and lives not in the counsel of the ungodly [ following their advice, their plans and purposes] ... But his delight and desire is in the law of the Lord,  and on His law (the precepts, the instructions, the teachings of GOD) he habitually meditates (ponders and studies) by day and by night.
Psalm 1:1-2

🌺 Keep in touch with GOD today; stay tuned to His voice. You may have a plan for the day, but GOD may lead you in a totally different direction if you are sensitive to Holy Ghost. Be brave enough to flow with what you feel in your heart GOD wants you to do.
Today is going to be a good day.  Listen for the voice of GOD to lead you. Be determined to walk in Spirit and stay in the flow of GOD's  leading today.

Keep in your heart and mind, Matthew 6:33 as you keep in Touch with GOD.

I Love You and Bless You!
YaQar, Sr. Lead Pastor/ Chief apostle

Serving to Serve 

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