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Letter From YaQar

From The Desk of " YaQar"

January 29, 2020/5780

Blessings to All!!

My Dear MISHPOCHAH and Partners,

For this is the day that our Lord has made. We are in a decade that our LORD has made. Man declares this is year 2020 and Our Father GOD declares it to be 5780. As I sit in the den of my son, I call him Baby George, my last child, with his family, my new daughter and two beautiful granddaughters and a child on the way. It is 3:35am in Savannah, GA.

I woke to spend a time of Thanksgiving. I am so grateful to be able to say, "Good Morning Holy Spirit!!" Twenty eight years ago I met a wonderful Brother in the LORD through my Brother, apostle Dr. Benjamin Moore and some other wonderful Brothers and Sisters who invited me to come as their guest soloist in a concert with Daryl Coley here in Atlanta, GA.  As a Thank You gift my new Brother in the LORD gave me this wonderful book by Benny Hinn, "Good Morning, Holy Spirit" and the one thing I hold dear to my heart from the book is "Good Morning, Holy Spirit."

And yes, mornings I awake and say, "Good Morning Holy Spirit."  Guess what? You don't have to, I will tell you, I am blessed, truly blessed. I just had a wonderful Birthday January 9th, and I am still celebrating.

The Love that was shown to me this year by my family, the Congregation the LORD Founded through me and I continue to Pastor, and my membership Congregation, God's Word & Christ Ministries, where the wonderful Dr. Will D. Hayes, III is Founder/Pastor, words cannot express the love shown to me by my home Congregation.

I have received gifts from so many loving Children of the Most High Father GOD. I cannot go into all the details about the Wonderful Apostle and First Lady Temple Spencer and Awaken Deliverance Ministry and the loving gift for my B'Day. This wonderful Apostle I wrote by Holy Spirit giving me a word to write. I thought it was just for me to hold on to until further instructions. These two words as I thought came to me in June 2015. I was writing in my journal again before day this time 4:00am, however, the words were Temple and Spencer. I thought He was going to teach me on being the temple in who He would live in and something about my life as a member of the Spencer Family. Here it is 2020, yes, I met the Apostle Temple Spencer in 2019.


What a Mighty Father GOD we serve. Listen, out for more. When I write my book. Meeting the Spencer’s has been awesome. Just like Holy Spirit!! Wow! To GOD be the glory!!!

Beloved, I want you to know that this time in your lives are meant to be precious. This time is meant to be your best, your greatest "GOD Life," He desires the all for you. Please let us stop being so concern about the outside of our image of Him and know that it is the inner, the inner of us is so much more important. There is much work to do for the Kingdom.  
Know that we are living in the End Time, What time? The End Time.  What are you saying YaQar? Our LORD will soon return. I can't tell you what year or date. You see the Son, YESHUA, (JESUS) doesn't know, only our Father.  But I do know if you would just study and meditate on the scriptures and The Word, in other words the "Bible" you will see it, you will feel that the time is close to Our King of Kings and LORD of Lord's return. We must be about His business!!

You know as our natural body many times need to have an alignment so does our Spirit man need alignment.

How do we get this alignment?

I believe the apostle Paul tells us best, “Pray without Ceasing”!

Just think about how our total being would improve. We have three parts, Body Soul, and Spirit. Each part need to be aligned day by day. How can we become whole and healthy? By following apostle Paul's medicine, I Thessalonians 5:16-18.

I will say to you and I assure you when we “Pray without Ceasing" the Following comes to us:                                 

                                      A. Peace from Our Father GOD

                                      B. Walk in Love

                                      C. Life changes that the ordinary mind cannot explains.

In other words, what I have come to know and I am still learning, is that  when my mind stays on the things of Our Lord more than worldly things I can then stay in communication with Holy Spirit. If you will try this lesson, I believe you will be blessed.

As I close for this time please take time and try the “Alignment Medicine” for 2020. You will never regret it!!

Have a wonderful 2020/ 5780!!

HOW? By doing all the things with YESHUA in your heart!

YESHUA? Yes, You Know HIM as JESUS!! I just love calling him by HIS Hebraic Name.

Thank You for Your Love and Time.

Write or Call me soon!!

In HIS Presence,


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