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Sunday, September 26 2021

This blog is presented by a guest contributor:

Happy Shabbat! 

I hope everyone is doing well today.  Happy to be here and speak 

about my mother, nana, and apostle.

I have written down a few things my nana has taught me in this 

lifetime. Yes, a small one in comparison all of the things but

just to give you a small taste.

My top one and most important 

1. Always keep your faith- no matter what, if you keep your faith, your faith will keep you.  I am  hoping y'all caught that one as it is the most important. 

2. Love wholeheartedly- another important lesson, because even if nana(Apostle) just so happens not to like you, which more than likely means there is something in your spirit that she does not care for, she will still teach you the Lord's ways because she loves you.

3. Don't let anyone tell you that you cant do something  -

Also a very powerful one because you will always have those one or two people who will try to tell you that you cant. Believe in yourself, believe in the Lord, pray about it, and if it is right thing for you to do, your prayers will come to be answered.

And finally,

another birthday is the Lord's treat

And on this earthly realm we can provide you with a cake or 

even some Vanilla Bean icecream

But the real joy comes from another year of growth stemming

from GOD's tree

You were blessed with more knowledge, a greater 

understanding,  and continue to teach with ease 

I would like to say Thank you for continuing to concentrate on 

the difference you make in everyone's life 

Thank you Momma, Nana, Apostle

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