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Thursday, June 20 2013


I was awakened one night by my twin Joaquin Hollis Fred Campbell, with words of enlightenment.  He gave me a word to no longer use my "feelings" to navigate through life's lessons, but to use all my senses.  In my family we metaphorically refer to the elders as Jedi and we refer to knowledge from these Jedi as wisdom from the Jedi counsel (With this in mind, you can see why I entertained this phone call at 0340 my time 1900 his time).  Moving on, he awaken me with a jolly tone, filled with concern and prudence, it was very yellow and orange if I was to use spiritual Ora, it warmed me.  He said, “Julian, hey baby brother, I love you and I have words from the Jedi counsel! Are you in good standings? Are you consistently swimming in pools of miracles? A course you are, why? Because you subconsciously move through the spiritual realm by sensing! Tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing and listening; all these important senses guide you to your ultimate blessing which connects you to another blessing, which is connected to another blessing.  These blessings then lead you to the pool that we swim in." 

How many of you are sitting in your pool of  blessings, but are caught up in your feelings causing you to panic and because of the panic you forget you have the first blessing, The Word of GOD! The Word is the many lessons that enable you to "swim", so my brown babies, swim! The blessings surround you but you become complacent in self-indulge sorrows and self-imposed destruction.  Release the wavering facts of: rape, sodomy, ill-educated individuals, posers, disgruntled and toxic leadership, mistakes of yesterday, even the past lust that was perceived as love, self-oppression and self-corruption.

My favorite movie of all time is.... You guessed it chocolate drop (that’s my "Only Lady" if you’re wondering who I'm referring too) "What's Love Got to Do with It!?" Angela Bassett poetically and selflessly played this roll of Tina Turner; showing her struggle through self-oppression, rape, discouragement and a life-draining marriage to Ike turner. She battled with a man who, if I was to place him in a psychological category, had a social antipersonnel disorder and literally was absent of conscious!  But, she did what, she began to swim! Now, let’s be honest, all us of thought “child she is drowning, not swimming!"   We felt she was lost and wouldn't make it.  Well I know I did the first time, to be honest every time I watch it I feel that way until she got in that limo! Oh lawd and we know what happen from there, he he. (Forgive me; you know I'm good for going on tangents, silly rabbit hopping on alternate routes like now, lol)

::cue Doctor Apostle YaQar's voice:: "As I close," you must recognize your ability to swim and stop drowning in excuses.  You are great and will swim in a pool of blessings! JHFC says, “trying isn't doing, doing is Doing!"  I know I've blessed you, because I have re-enlightened myself.  Oh and for those of you who missed it ::cue DAY:: "Go to Heaven!!" He he he I love you all! Sense not feel!

George J. Robinson, SGT
Prophet making Changes in Unfamiliar Lands!

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