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Monday, November 23 2020

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How often do you learn from your mistakes? (Part 1)

How often do you go before the Father and ask Him for forgiveness for your mistakes? (Repent)

Do you ever think about the things that transpired before your mistake? 

Well, you should! During that process time, if you are honestly thinking about what led to that mistake, you will notice that you should had stopped and listened to the Father speaking to you to help you avoid what the enemy was trying to set up for you. Most times when things happen, you are so quick to blame G-D. (This is what I hear, what I have done in the past, and seen.) However, it was not the Father's fault. As you process what led to that mistake truly, and are honest with yourself, the warning signs were there. The question is, “Did you hear, see, feel, or acknowledge the sign(s)? I say all this to say, we must learn from our mistakes! The enemy is going to learn from his mistakes.  The problem is we as people are not learning from our mistakes. Therefore, we are making it so easy for the enemy to keep us in cycles. If we would honestly take the time and process the things we do, learn from them and do not repeat them, we would find that the cycles we see ourselves in would no longer be a cycle. My, my, my, thank you, Holy Spirit! Some of you cannot even see the cycles you are in because of the lots that are in your life. Heck, even the scales you have over your own eyes. Lies, denial, not wanting to see the truth, hear the truth, let alone speak the truth. I do not mind sharing my mistakes in hope you will hear my truth and learn to speak your truth so that you can help someone else and get out the cycles you are in. In processing my mistakes, let me give to you how my day went, and show you what I did wrong. Not what my Father did wrong, but what I did wrong.

I had been up early Sabbath morning which some call Saturday, with my youngest child. She was having a hard time sleeping. So, I decided I was not going to get any more sleep and spend some time with the Father. I spent time with the father until my alarm went off and did not even realize I had fallen asleep, due to the fact I was still praying in my dreams and still seeing the Father. (prayer mode) I get my children ready and we get in the car. I say my morning prayer and I begin to drive. As I am driving to pick up my niece for worship, I see some cars pulled over in one spot on the freeway, and I see police clocking speeds. During this time, I am driving still in worship with the Father, and bomb, the enemy says, “you know it has been a while since you have gotten a speeding ticket, or into a car accident.” My immediate response was, you are right for I am covered by the blood of Jesus and no weapon formed against me shall prosper, in Yeshua Ha'mashiach name.  And it is so!! I continue to worship the Father and the enemy comes again speaking about my driving. I plead the blood of Jesus. I started speaking in my prayer language and by this time I was pulling up to my niece's home. She gets into the car and during that time I was playing a particular song. Some of the lyrics to the song went like this; “And I will call upon your name and keep my eyes above the waves. When oceans rise my soul will rest in your embrace for I am yours an you are mine. Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters. Wherever you would call me take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.” (Ocean (where my feet may fail) ) The song goes off and my niece ask for me to play the song again, so I did. With her not even knowing I had played it about 3 to 4 times prior to her getting into the car. I was singing it with the children before she got into the car. As I am driving, we are all singing and then here comes “you are ticket free and accident free huh” So, I begin praying in my prayer language by then we arrive at the House of the Lord. Here is some more history; when I moved to Georgia, I had started to get a lot of speeding tickets due to me being rebellious, and selfish. I had got into a few accidents and the enemy was really trying to make sure I landed in jail. However, I realize I was in a cycle and I had to change what I was doing. There goes that ( I ) again. Yes, I had to change what I was doing in order to get out of the cycle I was in. See, the enemy is going to continue to use those things against you until you stand and make some changes. The Father warned me slow down. However, I was not willing to listen, hear, see, or acknowledge the truth nor the warning signs. It was not until I went to jail for the last time, I was in there for a week and would have been in there for 6 months. But I made bail and repented to the Father and acknowledge Him that I got out of that cycle and I was not going back for nothing or nobody. Well on Sabbath, I had fear in me while I was sitting in worship. I did not realize it while I was sitting in worship, but during my process time the Father had been showing me “fear”. I had allowed the enemy in, although I had prayed. I did not fully follow my prayer with faith, and believing that the prayer I prayed was true, and have trust that the Father would take care of it. See, I was so nervous I got distracted for a second. Not even realizing that a second is all the enemy needs to get you where he wants you. Well in that second of being distracted, I did not take the time to hear from the Father before I started to drive again. I did not take the time to acknowledge the Father and pray properly before driving after worship. I plug QT into the G.P.S and said thank you Lord and started driving. Now, while driving the G.P.S says turn left, so I turned. However, my Father says, "when have I ever taken you down this road?" I hear that as I am driving, instead of stopping immediately like I felt the urge to do. I answered his question but I kelp driving. Now, the Father gave me a warning. He asks me that question and gave me the urge to stop. I heard Him, I answered Him, but I did not obey. There is a difference in hearing, listening, then applying, and being obedient to what is being asked of you to do in that moment. In those moments, those moments are the difference between life and death, and the difference between a car accident and no car accident. See, do you even understand how much the Father truly keeps you safe from all of what the enemy is trying to set you up with? Well for me, I knew he kept me safe, but I forgot about the little, little, little, things that I did not think about. See, because I did not stop, and turn around what came next was ALL ON ME. While approaching a stop sign this lady comes flying at a diagonal angle making a left-hand turn. She was not only on my side, but I had to break even harder due to her turning at an angle, yet she still hit me. I get out my car look at the damages. She gets out of her car and says, “you hit me.” My car is fine, but you hit me. She gets backs into her car after saying that about 3 to 4 times and she starts to drive. So out of fear, here comes that word again “fear”. I get into my car to follow her just to take a picture of her license plate for my insurance, (a hit and run.) Not knowing what was going to transpire next. Now, I panic let me say that I panic because I am on my mother's insurance, she is forever saying drive carefully and like an old woman. However, this time it was not my fault. I panic out of fear and followed her while asking my niece to take a picture of her license plate. Now, we come up out of a blind spot on the road and the car had disappeared, so we thought. I proceed to drive, and Father says, "look to your right", and there the lady was pulled in all the way to the back of someone else driveway. I say someone because I later found out she did not even live there, as I thought she did. She truly had dipped off the road in hope of me not following her, and if I did I would of drove past her. The only reason I wanted to follow her was for her license plate. I was going to call the police for a report. I was not expecting her to stay. In the midst of all this shaking and adrenaline going, I am calling my spiritual Mommy. Remind you we just got out of worship, so my MISHPOCHAH family was close. I had my niece call the police on her phone and I waited. Not only did the enemy try me with this accident he tested my patience when he sent this demon filled police officer. While waiting the lady kept asking me to go back to where the accident happen. I told her no this is where you ended up while attempting to do a hit and run. I’ll wait, she kept saying this is not that serious. Then once my uncles and auntie showed up, she started walking back and forth saying do you really need all these people it is not this serious as she kept scratching her head. As the officers pulls up, she speeds walk to his car. At this point I just continue to pray. The moment I saw the police officer, I knew he was not of G-d and started to put my armor on again, plead the blood of Jesus over my children and this entire situation. As I am going to school for criminal justice, I am not stupid to the law, I am very educated in this area. As the officer asked me for my statement, the terminology I used, his voice, and his tone had change. He was not expecting me to ask the questions I asked. Nor for me to speak in the manner that I did. I never mention I was in school for criminal justice, never mention my program chair knows his boss, boss, boss, the Father told me just watch. So, I watched. I say all this to say, it is extremely important to make sure you are not only speaking Proverbs 3:6 “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your path.” But, you are walking and living it. 

It is so important to not operate out of fear, instead stop and have a conversation with the Father, listen to what He is speaking and hear what He is telling you to do. Process your mistakes, be sure not to do it again. Repent to the Father and know that His love for you is real. I did not have to get to the point of the accident if I would of stopped and turned around. I would have not got to the point of not being obedient, if I would of acknowledge Him correctly and heard which way, He wanted me to go, BEFORE I started to drive the car that He has blessed me to have. Do not take for granted the little things because those little things lead to bigger things. The Father and your angels go to war every moment of the day for you so that you do not have to go through certain things. Let’s do our part and truly acknowledge the Father, listen, hear, and do what He says. In the end you shall be blessed. I am not upset anymore because I have learned truly from this past Sabbath, I am still processing as I write this, and I remained in thanksgiving for Grace and Mercy that is over my life. 

Love you mommy!! 

He is showing me so  much mommy!!! I will not turn back…. How often do you learn from your mistakes? 

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