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Monday, August 09 2010
                                                        Proverbs 28:25-26
John 3:16
Matthew 6:33
Proverbs 3:5-7

Trust In the Lord
To trust in our own selfish thought, or anyone but  Adonai (the Lord) is simply foolish.  ABBA, Father has given us so much, when most times we deserve so little.  We sometimes spend our lives searching for the finer things in life, when G-D wants to give you the finer things, if you only trust in Him.  We spend time wasting time because we want to do things our way.  But I am a perfect example to show you that there is but one true way, and that is G-D's WAY.  In the early part of my adulthood I tried to do many things on my own, and failed miserably.  I got the big head, thinking that I was great in some aspects of life, when really I could have done nothing without ABBA (Father).  It took a grade 3 hamstring tear, and a few other things to make me realize how foolish I had been in my thinking!   G-D wants us to know him, and trust wholeheartedly in Him.  He wants to give us our hearts desire, if we only lean and depend on Him.  Trust, waiting, and faith are used interchangeably in the Bible at times, and if you pay attention, I think it is to make it plain for us to follow.  If we simply have patience, and WAIT upon Adonia (the Lord), have faith that He will handle our situations like He promised in His word then we as saints will be perfectly fine.  So many times people step out of the will of G-D by trying to do things on their own.  This practice is very ungrateful, and says to Adonia (the Lord) that we are unappreciative, and want to do things on our own.  Then in the end, we end up running to Him when things don't go right, but if we would have only listened to the Word, and trusted in Him, things would have been handled the right way, the first time.  Don't spend your lives trusting in your own ignorance.  That is definitely not the way to go.  Seek Adonia (the Lord), and apply His word, His wisdom, and His knowledge to all your situations in life, no matter how big or small, and I promise you that everything will work out for you.  Be of good courage, be patient, and TRUST IN THE LORD!!!!
Darrius Marshon Hardrick,
     By way of Holy Spirit
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